Monday, 17 November 2008

Art Class Visit

Joan and I had the privilege of visiting a small art classroom full of awesome chinese children.  This is one of the boys posing with Joan and showing off the origami.  
This is a overall classroom view.  They were working on origami, but the walls were covered in some very impressive paintings and drawings.  These children really enjoyed our visit.
This is a sweet little girl that gave joan her small origami bird.
The boys.  They were running around play fighting and throwing things at each other which I thought was wonderful.  It reminded me of working in scouts and at boys camp.  They were my favorite group.

An example of some of the great pencil drawings.  All if the art here was far beyond most anything I have seen kids do in the USA.  They take art very seriously here and I think most parents have their kids in art classes from a very early age.  

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June said...

The pictures of the school children and classroom are precious. Do you remember learning origami from Mrs. Yamaghochi at Union? You were always interested in that. It looked like you had a wonderful day. Mom:)