Monday, 17 November 2008

Chinese Sunday

On Sunday we took a trip to a Chinese temple, but before we could go up we had to buy some candles and incense.  These amazing women are the ones that were kind enough to invite Joan and I for what we consider a unforgettable outing.  Dorthy in the middle is my neighbor and Joans chinese tudor and the girl in the foreground lives next door to me.  She is from Malasia and speaks 3 languages and asked me loads of questions about spanish on the trip.  These are amazing, and generous people I will never forget.  
We climbed loads of stairs initially.  The rails were lined with lotus blossoms which is one of the basic symbols for buddhism much like a cross is for christianity.  
The view from the top was overlooking a river.
It was very a great view of the mountains as well.

Also at the top there were many temples.  I guess you could call them prayer houses.  They were places with golden buddhas and other shrines that one could bow down and pray to.  The bigger house in the background was the house of the 1000 hand buddah.  It was about 30 feet tall, gold ( i mean real gold), had countless heads, and 1000 hands.  It was a tremendous sight, but of course it was disrespectful to take pictures in there.

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