Sunday, 16 November 2008

Another Amazing day

I am getting in late again and another early start is due so I cannot blog a whole ton right now.  I went on a long day trip with a chinese family today to what seemed like another world held back by time.  It was so beautiful and the people were amazing.  Long streches of rice fields right to the foot of peaking mountains, and massive chinese water buffalo walking confidently along side their calfs.    So much great blogging will happen soon so stay tuned for some great pictures and videos.


Jeff said...

We're on the edges of our chairs Brad!
Thanks for sharing!

June said...

Hi Brad! I am blogging you from Mattie apartment. It is so cool. Sherrie is trying to decorate. We have had a fun shopping trip. Can't wait to hear about your week. Mom:)

PianoPlayer said...

Hi Brad, this is Angie. Don and I have been following your blog since your parents told us about it. We're so glad you have this wonderful learning opportunity and experience. Take care!