Wednesday, 12 November 2008


This is a shot of what happens every day on the courts.  It was a beautiful day yesterday so they were playing badminton, basketball, and hanging their laundry on the nets (you can se it in the back). 

We had a party for miker last night because it is his birthday.  He had no idea and it was a great party.

You can see the little hommade grill we used.  It cooked some really tasty food like corn on the cob, pork, beef, lamb, and vegetables.  


June said...

Looks like a good time - Dad grilled corn on the grill last week on his hunting trip - he said it was great!!

ang said...

hey brad nice cook out.. i was just looking at Beth Stickters Demo. did you see her take out the pipe structures? just wondering how coz it looked well put together, or may be it was just for the demo?