Wednesday, 5 November 2008

In the Studio.

First face jug with the new clay body.  It truly is a beautiful body and works nicely for the face jugs.  I am slowly getting away from faces and focusing more on form, but always have to do one every once in a while to keep my folky NC self alive.
Pitcher with some bird trailing
Some new mug shapes and designs.
Some large Jars

These are some mini oranges we have been eating here.  They are very sweet and tasty.


June said...

The mini-oranges look very tasty. I loved the face jug. The bee between the eyes is a nice touch. I also like the shape of your mugs. Take care. I love you. Mom:)

T.Gray said...

Hey man, your slip-trailing is pretty fine. Having done it myself for so many years, I'm always appreciative of when someone else does a nice job at it. As to picking up bowls and stuff not thrown on a bat---just grab a piece of newspaper and place it across the rim, cut it off the wheel, then pick it up and move it to your ware board. Before I acquired hundreds of bats, I used to even pick up pie plates. Be well-Tom