Tuesday, 11 November 2008


This evening I ate supper at the noodle mans restaurant.  I have made posts about him in the past.  I have gotten to where I can order what I want to eat pretty easily now.  We have been going over some foods in chinese class so that has been helping.  Helping the two cutest girls in China study their english really helps me too.  They come over to my table every time I walk into the restaurant and make me help them practice (they dont have to try very hard to get me to either).  I showed then my sketchbook with all of my chinese notes and sketches in it.  They absolutely loved it.  They would point and I would tell them the word, then they would tell me the word in Chinese.  I learn more from 1st and 3rd graders than I do adults sometimes.  Ha!  A great way to spend the evening.  I have a blast every time I go.

I am actually trying to finish up here as far as turning goes.  We will probably only have one more wood firing, and I want to see more of Jingdezhen before I go.  This morning I was cleaning a bit and realized I have a bunch more clay lying around so I decided to make a big bowl just for the fun of it.  It is the only thing I made so I am just letting it dry right on the wheel head.  I used a little over 12 pounds of clay.  Like 6.5 kilograms.  Our scale is in Kilos.  


June said...

The girls are adoreable - the picture reminds me of Austin and Weston. I am glad to know you have such wonderful times during your day. I am envious right now. I guess that is why I love my job so much. Kids are so cool!! MOM:)

Anne said...

BTW did you ever perfect your fly-catching technique?

Brad Lail said...

I did catch one, but I did not try much longer after that. I suppose I got tired of it after a while.