Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Takeshi Yasuda

I spent thins afternoon talking (well actually mostly listening) to Takeshi Yasuda.  It was a real privilege to be welcomed into his work area just to hang out and talk to him.  I have loads of notes about porcelain history, and other pottery traditions of the world from our nice conversation.  He is a very brilliant man who is filled with historical knowledge about pottery and the world.  I cannot express the amount I learned from just asking him a few questions.  He is an excellent teacher and artist.  


June said...

I read about Mr. Yasuda today on the web. He is very famous - I am glad you were able to spend time with him. You have sure taken advantage of all of the priceless opportunities to learn. Love you. Mom:)

Becky said...

Brad, I haven't commented on your site but I have certainly enjoyed reading it on a daily basis! Thank you for sharing these memorable experiences with us!

Brad Lail said...

That is my goal mom. I hope to come home with all kinds of new ideas and knowledge to use in the pottery world. Sometimes it is the little messages you consistently leave on every blog that keep me going during the day.