Friday, 21 November 2008

climactic ending prep.

as you can see by the announcement board there is so much on the plate right now it is just nuts!  Wood firings, gas firings, soda firings.... you name it and we probably have to get it done in the next two weeks before we leave.  It says alot of the stamina of this group though when you see that they always make time for some beer pong amidst all of the work (the brad on the board is not me btw).   

These are some of the pots I am throwing away now that the end is near.  They are fine to fire, but were just experiments with little things that are wrong with them like heavy lids or bad spouts.  These are my first lidded pitchers and I hope they will be a success when I return home.  They will keep the refrigerator smell out of the sweet tea, or at least that is the goal.  I stacked these in a large water jar that mr. Jin made while he was here demoing.  I love seeing pots in groups like this, and it gives me some good inspiration for stacking the kiln.  I hope it gives you some good ideas as well.  Good Night!!

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June said...

Looks like from the board you are really busy. I would stay away from the free hotdogs. I love you. Mom:)