Sunday, 16 November 2008

Glazin' tiles in Tian bao.

Tile worker glazing tiles in an ash glaze.  I hate hearing my own voice in this one.  I can tell my down home accent is starting to diminish especially when I say "them".  It will come back easily though.


Ron said...

Does he usu. break them up later? It seems maybe he broke that one just to show that it was gonna be tiles or maybe it was cracked a little and he didn't dip it like the others. ? Very cool.

Brad Lail said...

They have score marks in the right place so they can be broken around the glazing stage. he did a longer demo and that is what he told us. It was so very cool to watch. I have more pics and videos than this. I only post a few. You are gonna love seeing this stuff when I get back. Thanks ron.