Thursday, 27 November 2008

Red Pigota, or Emperor Kiln museum.

Yesterday Joan and I went out to the red pigota museum and spent the morning touring the place.  The history of it is really quite amazing.  This is a place where they would have pots inspected.  If they had to have 20 and made 30 they would bust ten of them on the ground righthere and put them all in one shard pile.  They would do the same thing if the pot was not good enough for the emperor or something along those lines.  So around the 1970's or 80's some people came around and glued whole pots back together for dispay in this museum.  They also had an amazing ming dynasty kiln site out there.  That means in is as old as 1300-1400 ad.  So needless to say it was pretty awesome. 
Some of the walkway outside.
This is one of the many plates put back together.  You can see the cracks and places where they tried to remake the glaze if you look closely.
First floor ceiling.  There were 5 floors in all.  

This was what the roof of the top floor looked like.  This is all wood carving that is supposed to look like waves.  

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June said...

Absolutely beautiful. I would love to have a sidewalk in pottery shards. Mom:)