Thursday, 20 November 2008

Joan spent the morning with the painting master.  He is painting one of her pumpkin pots for her.  She gave him one of her finished pieces for painting it.  I think he was pretty excited about it.
He is such an amazing painter.  
This is the part of the market where we ordered some clothes.  I had to go pick them up today.  They needed time to get them made.
Some men fishing by the lotus pond.  It was a gorgeous day.

They like their coy here.


June said...

Oh my gosh - I hope you are not going to start wearing Chinese clothes. I remember the "western wear" when you came home from Wyoming (like a nightmare).

Brad Lail said...

MOM! cowboy wear is the best and I will still wear my wranglers and boots anyway.

Brad Lail said...

But I do love you and miss you very much. Just so you know.