Thursday, 6 November 2008


I got to the studio early this morning and worked making some lidded jar and casserole shapes until about eleven.  The rest of the day was primarily set aside for studying fir the big chinese test we have tomorrow.  I must admit my brain is pretty worn from studying this afternoon.  Joan and I were able to use some flash cards she made to study together.  Since she has been teaching for so long she has some great study habits that really work.  I am packed with so much new Mandarin knowledge that I hope my brain does not explode tomorrow morning while I am trying to cram more in when morning gets here.  Class tonight was a very good one for me.  We talked about chinese symbols like different flowers, birds, dragons, fish, trees, you get the picture.  We went over so many nature type symbols that each had a specific meaning.  It was very interesting and gave me some very applicable ideas for slip trailing and carving ideas.  I also talked to the chinese professor after class about some of the symbols and he talked like there were many deeper meanings that were not mentioned.  I realize that probably sounds a little nerdy talking to the professor after class but I found it very interesting to learn how chinese art speaks to the lives of the chinese.  It reminded me of european christian art and its symbols.  I actually like this a little better because it is so nature related.  I will lwt my sketchbook fill up with these new ideas and hopefully they will actually make it to some of my forms.  Good night all.


Anonymous said...
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June said...

I am glad your are learning a second language. It will come in handy someday - maybe??