Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Ok so sorry the blogging has been a bit spastic.  The internet was out all day yesterday and the night before.  It really stinks when it does that especially in these last crucial weeks here in this amazing city.  All I gotta do today is glue some wads on the bottom of my wood fired pots for the wood firing that is supposed to be Friday.  Yesterday was filled with going clothes shopping for the super cold weather that is in beijing.  I bought long johns, gloves, a toboggan, some decent socks, and a pair of good looking boot like shoes because the ones I  bought broke.  I did not spend much money either surprisingly.  I could bargain with most of the people and the shoes were on sale because I do not think there are many people in China with feet as big as mine.  They are only a size ten, but it took me loads of searching for these puppies.  With all of that I did not even spent 50 dollars in total.  We went to some places in this city I had not been to yet, and they were so cool.  There was a very traditional area of town near this folk museum.  It was a really nice area.  We also ran into some chinese people that had sen us around campus and helped us out getting to the best shops.  Last night we went back to nice ladt that took us to the temple.  She gave us chinese painting lessons and it was so awesome!!  I guess I will post some pictures.  So much to post..... so little time!!       

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June said...

I am glad you are planning ahead for the cold trip ahead of you. Sounds like you found some bargains. Mom:)