Monday, 24 November 2008

Fraud Alley

After the market we were taken down an alley that is supposed to be famous around the world.  I had no idea how sweet this alley was going to be.  It was such a small place, but had so amny great pots it was ridiculous.  
This place is famous for reproduction of ancient chinese ware as well as getting a hold of some real antiques.  Some of the museums come to to get their hands on real antique pottery.
The stuff that is not real antique is covered with dirt so it looks like it had been dug from an ancient kiln site.  These chinese people are pretty sneaky little devils.  Too bad I found their secret alley.  hahaha! (evil laugh)  

This is a mad covering a fraud funerary jar with mud.  I know Jeff and Davin would have really wanted to see this place.  It was pretty awesome.


tim said...

I don't think that Fred Sanford would be caught in this place.

tim said...

Fraud alley looks like a good place to go on our next vacation.

bring back some maps

Jeff said...

I'm drooling all over this place.
I hope you bought lots of treasures.
I'll be right over....What was that train number from Shanghai? Thanks so much for continuing to document all of the semester!
Be well Brad!